Monday, March 30, 2009

Rod Johnson's Pacific Crest Trail Hike

I will start my 2,650 mile PCT hike from Mexico to Canada about April 29th. I plan on carrying minimalist gear. I made a small pop can stove that weighs .1 ounce and burns .5 ounce Esbit fuel. I will warm freeze dry food in the pouch, so I won't have to carry a pot or cup. My empty pack weighs 7.6 ounces. I have made a 5.5 ounce carbon fiber hiking pole. The first 700 miles through hot Southern California will be in May. During the month of June I will wait for the snow to melt off the High Sierra. My hike will resume in July. My main reason for doing the hike is to spent 3 1/2 months outdoors in some of the most spectacular country in the world. I hope my knees will hold out. I received a total knee replacement of my left knee last October. My right knee is questionable, but I think with a knee brace, it will be OK.