Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Reasons for Hiking the PCT

Prioritized PCT Goals:
1. Have a great time living in some of the world’s most beautiful areas for 4+ months.
2. Test out outdoor gear and techniques for our Midwest Mountaineering customers.
3. Hike the entire PCT.

Please Note:
Goal #1 and Goal #3 are sometimes in conflict. Hiking through the brutal hot desert sun, across massive snow fields and on cold wet Washington trails in the fall, does not equal a great time. To still accomplish my primary goal of having a great time, I am hiking some of the hot deserts in November when it’s cooler, I’m taking the month of June off from hiking while the snow melts off the High Sierra and I’ll bounce up to Washington in August to hike southbound to the middle of California, to eliminate the cold wet trails. My re-supply car, which I am shuttling myself by hitch hiking and paying for rides, gives me the freedom to do this plus have additional items of equipment to test.

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